4 Reasons to Mix and Match Your Custom Cabinet Colors

Gone are the days of matching cabinets, and this is especially good news if you can’t decide between two different styles or colors. The trend of mixing and matching cabinets is here to stay. If you like the idea of having different styles, finishes and/or colors, but don’t know where to start, Continental Granite is taking the guesswork out of designing a space you will love for years to come. Check out these four reasons why to mix and match your cabinet colors.

Stand Out & Withstand Changing Trends

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the choices can be overwhelming. Not only do you want something that will stay trendy or in-style, but can also stand the test of time. Going with a custom cabinet design will ensure both of those needs are met. Mixing and matching cabinets gives you the option of choosing a color or design that will be a staple for years to come. Then, in turn, a bold choice of color or finish will give the space a hint of personality.

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Going with a staple color, like white, for your main cabinets is a great starting point. Adding an accent color, like black to an island, is a great example of mixing and matching two different cabinet colors. Another option would be to add light-colored cabinets on the top, and then a darker color to the bottoms. Tying it all together with the same fixtures will establish the cohesiveness of the space. Also, choosing a countertop that compliments both of the designs will complete the overall look.

Another way to mix and match cabinets is by considering a change-up in the cabinet finish. One example would be mixing a wood-base or laminate wood look with custom cabinets with a high-gloss acrylic or matte finish.

Add Depth to Your Space

Being bold with your custom cabinet choices will not only add depth and drama to your kitchen but also allows you to show off certain areas of your remodel. It’s a way to spice up the area without having a big remodel budget. Mixing different color cabinets with different woods and finishes really helps drive home the overall look you’re going for. Mixing cabinet colors will draw attention to your kitchen, instead of just having one monotone color in the space.

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However, if you’re going for more of a subtle look, a sleek way to mix and match cabinets is going with the same design and choosing neutral colors like black, gray, white, or navy. Keeping things simple with the same cabinet style and opting for no hardware provides a timeless design. Remember, choosing a countertop and backsplash will also prove a successful way to mix and match cabinet colors.

Highlight Other Designs

Another reason to mix and match cabinet colors is to actually show off other design elements in your kitchen. For example, if you’re wanting to show off that beautiful, seamless countertop, a way to draw attention to that is going with two different colored cabinets on the top and bottom. This means choosing white for the uppers or even a bank of cabinets. Then choosing a darker cabinet for the bottoms will help draw the eye to the middle center feature, and in this case, the countertop and backsplash. As a result, this will call attention to the marble pattern of the countertops.

Another example is if you want to highlight your flooring, whether it be wood or tile in your kitchen. Designing custom cabinets with two different tones will really make the flooring pop. What’s more, mixing and matching cabinets will help a smaller kitchen feel more open and spacious. One way to do this is to keep the darker colors on the bottom cabinets and go with a high-gloss color like white on the upper cabinets. This will help create a glow and reflect light into a smaller room. Remember opposites attract and this bold, but beautiful style will make your kitchen stand out.

Give Your Remodel an Interesting Look

All in all, mixing and matching cabinets, like our Daytona Beach Cabinets, can add contrast to the space. Yes, the standard all-white kitchen is here to stay, but mixing things up will give the remodel an interesting look. As mentioned above, the kitchen island is a great way to dip your toe in the water and the choice to select a different color or a natural wood cabinet. It’s not only a way to add interest to the room but is also a cost-effective way to show off your personality without a big commitment.

Then there’s the alternative to really embrace the mixing and matching of colors and textures. It’s okay to break the rules and really let your creativity run wild. If you really like color and want to have every cabinet a different color, then this inspiration is for you! And if you’re still not sure what color cabinets to go with, Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year prove very inspiring. 

Don’t be afraid to be bold and break the mold. Interested in creating a showstopping design for your home? Give us a call or stop by our showroom.

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