Durable & Long-Lasting Countertops

In 2022, kitchens will remain one of the top three essential spaces in a home, as reported by the National Association of Realtors. The kitchen, for most, is the heart of the home. Much of our daily lives are spent in the kitchen, cooking, eating, gathering, and partaking in activities such as after-school homework sessions. From a design perspective, the focal point of most kitchens is undeniably the countertop surface, requiring it to be beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. Today’s market offers several options for homeowners to choose when designing their new kitchen from scratch or remodeling. Countertop surfaces come in different colors, patterns, textures, and functionality.  

According to a 2022 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, more than one-third of homeowners reportedly splurged on countertops (35%). The most common feature improved during kitchen renovations, countertops were upgraded by more than nine in 10 homeowners (91%). The same study indicates that the median spend for both major and minor kitchen remodels increased in mid-2021 by 14% to $40,000 and by 25% to $10,000, respectively, compared to 2020. The median spend for a major kitchen remodel of a large kitchen (250 square feet or more), continued to climb for the fourth year in a row to $50,000, up from $45,000 the previous year. The median spend on a major small kitchen remodel (less than 250 square feet) increased as well, up to $35,000 in mid-2021 from $30,000 in mid-2020. 


The second leading choice for countertop surfaces is the natural surface, granite. Granite has been used in the U.S. for countertops as early as the 1920s but became more mainstream during the 1970s. Granite is undoubtedly considered a classic choice but also lends to a contemporary modern look. The timeless look of granite adds a touch of luxury to any home, elevating its value. According to the National Board of Realtors, granite countertops remain a trendy option in traditional and modern designs. The National Association of Realtors survey also found that 55% of survey respondents said they would pay more for granite countertops when purchasing a home. 

Granite is a 100% natural and a type of igneous rock. It is made from a crystallized form of hot liquid magma that has been cooled slowly to become a solid hard surface. Granite contains a combination of minerals such as mica, quartz, and feldspar. Quartz and feldspar are tougher than some steel, according to the Mohs scale of hardness, making granite one of the toughest natural stones on the market. It is mined from quarries all around the world, with most of the granite mined in the United States from five states: Massachusetts, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Idaho. Granite is available in numerous colors, slab sizes, thicknesses, and patterns. Due to how it is formed, no two countertops are the same. Its natural beauty often creates an eye-popping look and fits any design style.

Granite countertops are durable and often last the life of a home when cared for properly. Granite’s durability includes resistance to heat and scratches. Because it is formed by heat and pressure, it will not scorch if you place a hot pan/pot on it or scratch when you use your sharp knives to cut and slice items. In fact, a granite counter will often dull your knives if you do not use a cutting board when chopping things. 

However, because granite is made of many crystals pressed together, a high-impact hit can likely chip or damage the surface. Furthermore, there can be some staining if certain liquids are spilled and left sitting or the surface is not adequately sealed due to its porous nature. Lighter colors tend to be more susceptible to stains. To ensure the longevity of your investment, consider having your countertops resealed once a year. 


Maintenance on your granite countertops is relatively simple. All countertops are recommended to be cleaned daily with a mild soap/cleanser and water. 


One design element that you want to consider when using granite is the uniqueness and natural variations in the stone. It can be hard to hide seams, and countertops may not look exactly alike if not from the same piece. 

In addition, if using a bold color or design piece of granite you may want to consider utilizing softer and more muted elements in the room.   


The average granite countertop cost reported by HomeAdvisor.com  ranges from $40 to $100 per square foot. Labor generally adds an additional $35 to $85 per hour to the project’s final cost. Size, color, texture, and origination of the granite impact the product’s price, while design, size, shape, and number of seams dictate the price of the project’s labor costs. 


Granite is not just for the kitchen. Granite can also be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, butler pantries, bars, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and office areas with its durability and unique design quality. 


Some of the latest trends in the world of granite are Neutral Tones, Leathered Finish, Matte Finish, and Unique Veining & Patterns. 

Neutral Tones include neutral whites, creams, light grays, soft blues, beiges, and mid-tone colors. Most neutral tones go with most cabinet color schemes. 

Leathered Finish is an up-and-coming trend. This bold statement may not be for everyone, but it certainly creates a unique space. This finish has a textured, rough surface with no sheen or light-reflecting qualities. This type is generally used in larger areas with lots of natural light. 

Unique Veining & Patterns have always been part of the draw to granite as a design choice. The unique patterns and veining create a focal point in the kitchen. The options are endless. 

Honed/Matte Finish is a surface with a low sheen. This type offers a softer and more subtle look while still retaining the character of natural stone. The manufacturing process is stopped before the stone surface becomes shiny, leaving it with a matte or satin-like appearance. 


White, black, blue, and gold are the most popular colors for 2022. This neutral and versatile palette, with varying finishes, offer limitless opportunities when designing your kitchen, bathroom, and other home areas. The durability and longevity of granite offer a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Granite countertops are an important element in designing or remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, and other areas. Why not schedule a consultation with the granite experts to discuss what color, style, and finish would best suit your design needs? 


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