The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash

The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the more visually-prominent details in a kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes are as varied and ranging as the homeowners who select them. They can be anything you want them to be, and you can select what best suits you and your unique style.  

The traditional standard backsplash, also called a 4-inch backsplash, uses the same material as your countertops and is installed at the same time. It’s budget-friendly, it’s practical, and it’s versatile in terms of kitchen design. The alternative is a full-height backsplash, which is the type that continues up the wall, usually to the bottom of your cabinets. 

Whether you are choosing a 4-inch stone backsplash or full-length unique style, backsplashes can contribute greatly to your new kitchen countertops and design. So lets check out the pros & cons before you decide!  

The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash

The Pros.

Why do some homeowners prefer a 4-inch backsplash? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Protect the wall from most splatters or spills, without overwhelming the space.
  • The wall space between the top of the backsplash and the bottom of the upper cabinets can be used for small accent pieces, artwork, or paint. 
  • Using less material on a backsplash will reduce costs. 
  • Create a clean and uniform look when your backsplash is crafted from the same countertop material
The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash

The Cons

Of course, there’s a downside to even the most classic style of backsplashes. Here are some of the main negatives you may want to consider:  

  • If it doesn’t match your countertops perfectly, it may look disjointed.
  • It may not be high enough to protect your walls from messes. 
  • If it’s not sealed properly with grout along the top edge, it may allow grease, water, or foods to drip down the wall behind it. 
  • In some instances, the height of the backsplash can create a more closed-in feeling rather than allowing the eye to naturally rise with an  extended backsplash up to the cabinets. 

Throughout The Home

The classic 4 in backsplash can be used in other rooms outside of just the kitchen. And for the same outcome of protecting your walls, savings some money and matching your countertops – you may want to consider this for your laundry room, bathroom, or outdoor kitchen – we’d recommend it every time! 

The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash
The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash
The Pros & Cons of a 4 Inch Backsplash

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