3 Reasons to Love Black Countertops

3 Reasons to Love Black Countertops

If you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen or bathroom, black countertops are the perfect solution. Striking black kitchen countertops make a dramatic impact, bringing elegance and style to your kitchen.


Whether you are planning on reselling your home or not in the near future, black countertops are a winner when it comes to timeless beauty and elegance. The rich dark color of black granite or quartz in your kitchen portrays a dramatic feel in your space. 

Aside from white or neutral colors, black is in-demand because of the great contrast it brings with your light-colored cabinetry. Meanwhile, if you use black for the cabinet door panels, this creates a modern and sleek appeal with black kitchen countertops. 

Black quartz countertops are a bold statement. They look perfect in a luxurious home.

3 Reasons to Love Black Countertops


Dark countertops are a staple because they bring depth and substance to a room’s design. In addition to being a bold, statement piece, dark countertops are preferred by many homeowners because they’re easy to maintain.

The patterns and details incorporated in dark countertops help to conceal messes, crumbs, stains, and more that can take place on a daily basis. Specifically, this is a large benefit if you have children in your home who are prone to spills and messes.

3 Reasons to Love Black Countertops


While black kitchen countertops don’t always blend well with soft, cosy, country-style kitchens, they are highly effective with many other home décor styles and themes.

In the end, it’s about balance. Black statement countertops are often balanced with lighter colored kitchen uppers and lowers. And with an array of options for your kitchen countertops, we’re excited to help you choose the design that best fits you and your home. 

3 Reasons to Love Black Countertops

Determining the color of your new countertops is just the start. Once you have that figured out, you must also confirm the material of your countertops, the shape, the size, and so on. Once that’s decided, you must consider all your options for backsplashes, flooring, paint colors, décor, and more.

The point we’re making here is renovations, and specifically kitchen and countertop renovations, can be hard work. There are endless elements to think about. However, at Continental we’ve tailored our business around helping you. We offer high-quality and affordable stone countertops for any remodeling or new construction project in the industry. We have a vast collection of quartz, granite, and marble countertops for you to choose from.

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