Granite, Marble & Quartz For Every Room Of Your Home

When you hear the term “granite or quartz countertops”, you probably think about kitchens and bathrooms, but did you know that these durable materials have a use in every room of your home? Check out these 5 creative and stunning ways to use natural stone in your home.

Grand Entrance: Marble Staircase

Continental Granite 3
Beyond its practicality, marble stairs radiate sophistication no matter where they are located. And when it’s the first thing you see as you walk into someone’s home… talk about a first impression!! This french vanilla marble staircase was handcrafted in our warehouse and installed to provide our clients with a sophisticated and charming entrance unlike any other.

Living Room: Quartzite Fireplace

Continental Granite 25
Dressing up your fireplace with quartz, granite or marble can create a beautiful focal point in any room. This custom quartzite water keyed wave wall was designed & manufactured in our warehouse and installed to provide a 3 dimensional effect.

Laundry Room: Dolomite Countertops

Continental Granite 15
If you have the luxury of space, laundry rooms can be more than places to clean clothes. We can create a functional and efficient space that you not only love but helps to make laundry seem like less of a chore! Sounds like everyone wins here!

Outdoor Ranch: Granite Bar

Continental Granite 28
An outdoor bar at the ranch is the perfect space for cooking & entertaining. This outdoor bar made up of 41 FEET of Leathered Black Titanium Granite with a 6cm rock bite edge is sure to see some good times!!

Poolside Kitchen: Granite Tops

Continental Granite 19 1
Outdoor kitchens extend your family’s living space and are a wonderful bonus to any home! This outdoor granite countertop provides ample room to prepare and serve meals while holding up to harsh weather and extreme temperatures.


Based upon our experience as a premiere custom granite, quartz and cabinet design, manufacturer and full service installation company, you can trust Continental Granite with every room of your home.  

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