Seamless Countertops at Continental Granite

When you envision your dream countertop, the last thing you probably imagine seeing is a seam on that perfect-looking piece of material. Or maybe when you hear the word “seam,” your mind flashes back to something that your parents used to have and how it’s something that still sticks out in your memory today, like the first time you tried ice cream. 

Seamless Countertops at Continental Granite

Countertop seams are something that homeowners typically try and avoid when building a new home or remodeling their kitchen.

What Are Countertop Seams?

If countertop seams still aren’t ringing a bell, then here’s the best way to describe them. A countertop seam is where two individual stones are joined together. In most cases, this happens with most natural stone countertops. The next question you might be asking yourself is, why don’t people like to see seams? Some of the time, they can be unsightly and aesthetically unpleasing. Secondly, when seams aren’t done correctly, grime and mold can build up in that area. 

Seamless Countertops at Continental Granite

That leads to the next question. How are quartz countertops made? Quartz countertops are manufactured by using a combination of stone particles and resin. This process creates the surfaces that we know and love. They can manufacture large pieces of material that are completely seamless. However, even though manufacturers create these large pieces, they sometimes need to cut them down for various reasons. 

  • The first reason is the size and the weight of the stone. If it’s too big and heavy, the stone will end up breaking apart at the center. This is a result because it can’t support its own weight.
  • Cutting the stone actually improves its strength, especially when cutouts for sinks and cooktops are being made. Those types of cuts weaken the slab, but when strategic cuts are made, it enhances the integrity of the stone. 
  • The installation process of the stone is also considered during the cutting process. Installers don’t want to damage your home, so smaller pieces of stone fit better through entryways. 
  • Specific configurations of countertops can be complex. L-shaped countertops are one example.
  • Lastly, when large enough stones aren’t available, stones are put together from different slabs.

Understanding why large pieces of stone sometimes need to be cut is essential when it comes to choosing which direction your countertop installation process will take. 

Seamless Countertops at Continental Granite

Continental’s “Invisa-Seam” Process

At Continental Granite & Cabinets, we want you to not only have the greatest experience from start to finish but ultimately, be completely satisfied with your purchase. 

Seams are always a big concern with homeowners. Due to varying slab sizes and designs, some kitchen countertops will have seams. However, Continental uses a unique “Invisa-Seam” process. With this process, we are able to minimize unsightly separations in the countertops, giving them a more seamless look.

Seamless Countertops at Continental Granite

The Continental Difference

Seamlessly installing countertops of any material requires attention to detail. In order to offer the best to our clients, our seams are professionally done by our installers. It’s a part of the Continental Difference. We invite you to visit our showroom and check out the Invisa-Seam display. We’re proud of our work and happy to show it off. 

Installing your countertops without any seams is always our first choice. Continental is even known for installing full slab islands and single-piece tops that no other companies will agree to in order to provide this seamless look. 

Our experience sets us apart, and it’s important to go with installers that know what they’re doing. We do our best to assist you in choosing the right countertop and installation process. At Continental Granite & Cabinets, we’re here to help you build the kitchen of your dreams. We specialize in selecting and fabricating the best countertops and provide our services in all 50 states. Continental Granite is a family-owned and operated business and treats its customers as if they were one of their own. We will work with you to achieve your desired look. 

Seamless Countertops at Continental Granite

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