The Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Lifestyle

Searching for the perfect kitchen countertop doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re in the market for a new kitchen countertop, you know that the choices can be overwhelming: There are hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. And materials that range from natural stone to quartz to granite and more. Which one is right for you and your family, your style, and your budget? We’re here to help! 

The Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Lifestyle

First things first: Let’s take your lifestyle into consideration.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to seal your countertops once a year?
  • Are you worried about spilled red wine, cutting lemons, or burning the surface?
  • Are you active entertainers?
  • Do you have a house full of family members?
  • How often do you clean your countertops?
  • What are you using your countertops for? 

Regardless of your lifestyle, Continental has the right stone for you!

Worried about spills, staining, or upkeep? You may want to consider a material that incorporates man-made elements that support a busy lifestyle and are low maintenance, like quartz. Be honest with yourself and realistic about what kind of upkeep—daily, seasonally, and yearly—that you and your family are willing to do. 


The Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Lifestyle

It’s not all about function though. You should also think about aesthetics. Countertops often set the tone for the design of the kitchen, so choose a material that reflects your personal style and start building from there!  

The good news is if homeowners have their hearts set on a certain look, but the material just doesn’t match with their lifestyle, odds are there’s another material that does.

Whether you choose a natural stone countertop, like marble, granite, dolomite, or soapstone, or the very popular engineered countertops like quartz and quartzite, our guide to Choosing The Right Material for your countertops will help!