FAQ’s: Get Your Questions Answered



Are all brands of quartz the same?

Here at Continental, we have made a commitment to only fabricating top-quality quartz that we believe in and that you can depend on. The main difference in the many quartz brands on the market today is the quality of materials used. There are many great quality quartz brands that we carry including Cambria. Cambria uses only the highest quality quartz and manufactures its designs at a state-of-the-art facility in the United States which gives Cambria a color palette with more depth and clarity than other quartz lines. With that being said, Continental has a curated collection of quartz materials that we fully trust and are happy to provide you. 

Do I need an appointment when visiting your showroom?

We want you to stop in when it is convenient for you. We are open Monday through Friday 9 am-5 pm to accommodate people with busy schedules.  

Do you need to measure before receiving a quote?

The quickest way to receive a quote after you have material(s) selected is to provide us with a cabinet layout/design if you are getting new cabinets or, if you are keeping your existing cabinets, a simple sketch of the countertops (doesn’t have to be pretty, you will not receive a grade) with the rough measurements in inches.  This is just for quote purposes and we will never fabricate or cut from your measurements so no worries there. When the time comes we will come out and professionally and digitally template with precise and accurate measurements for your new countertops to be made.

What is your lead time?

Most installs are scheduled 7-10 business days from the time of template. This could be more or less depending on the scope of the job, material availability, as well as other factors. We do our best to accommodate the customer’s needs on every job. As with any construction/renovation services, dates and times cannot be guaranteed due to circumstances that are beyond our control.  We absolutely love to provide the fastest turnaround possible while keeping the main priority, as always, on our unsurpassed workmanship.

Will there be a seam in my countertop?

Installing your countertops without any seams is always our first choice and Continental is known for even installing full slab islands and single-piece tops that no other companies will agree to in order to provide this seamless look! Seamlessly installing countertops of any material requires attention to detail. In order to offer the best to our clients, our seams are professionally done by our installers. It’s a part of the Continental Difference! Come see the invisa-seam for yourself in our showroom! We’re proud of our work and happy to show it off. 

Who will remove my old countertops, cabinets & sink?

If needed, in most cases, we will remove your old countertops free of charge! If you have an existing stone, tile, or concrete countertop, we will charge a small flat fee for removal. As for the plumbing, in most cases, we will remove the old plumbing free of charge. Continental Granite isn’t a licensed plumber and therefore cannot install any new plumbing.

What is a template? 

When we say “template” that is another way of saying “taking the precise measurements that we need in order to fabricate your new countertops to perfection”.  At Continental, we do state-of-the-art digital templates.  This is great news for you!  This means that your countertops will be a perfect fit with flawless cuts EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!  If you are keeping your existing cabinets and are just replacing your old countertops the even greater news is that, because of this amazing new technology, you can keep your old countertops in place and functional all the way up until the day we come to install the new tops.  This cuts your downtime down typically to just the one day that we are installing the new tops.  We will remove the old tops and replace with the new ones all on the same day!  If you are getting new cabinets it is still a great benefit over the old ways of doing a template because your new tops will be made EXACTLY as you want them with unsurpassed precision and detail.

Template day is when all final decisions are made and everything becomes “set in stone” (See what we did there!).  We will need your new sink available at the time of template.  We will pick it up from you on template day and bring it back with us the day we install.  Faucets, soap dispensers, air switches, etc. won’t be needed until the day we come to do the install where we will cut these last remaining items on site exactly where you request them.

We typically try to install your new tops 7-10 business days from the day of template (see “What is your lead time?” above for more info).  If we have received the material and everything needed for the job you will usually get a call by the end of the template week or the beginning of the following week to get your installation scheduled on a day/time that works best for you.